Recent native plant installation

Landscape Design

Native plants can look and act a bit differently than the plants that are most commonly used in home landscapes, and an ecologically-focused approach to gardening often requires “unlearning” conventional gardening practices. 

But anyone can do it, and we are here to help! 

Swamp Rose offers a full suite of landscape design, installation, and maintenance services. Contact us for a free consultation. 

Blackeyed Susan | Rudbeckia hirta

Plant Sales

Native plants are hard to find! Big box stores and even most nurseries carry few if any native plants, and frequently use toxic chemicals on whatever they do offer.

Lack of supply is one of the biggest barriers to increasing the use of natives in residential landscapes. To help fill this gap, Swamp Rose offers retail plant sales via curbside pickup and via seasonal pop ups at local farmers markets.

Browse through our online shop and place and order today. Curbside pick up locations in Gaithersburg and Silver Spring.